My name is Shannon and I am the sole owner and walker of A Walk in the Park- Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services. I’ve been loving my business since the spring of 2011. I am an animal lover and have had furry loved ones of my own for many years. I know how important they are in one's life. That’s why choosing someone to care for them is such an important decision. I will make sure that your loved one is well exercised, cared for and treated with love, kindness and respect.

Most dogs are very social animals and happiest when in a pack. When our busy lifestyles prevent us from spending enough time walking, playing with and socializing with our dogs they can become lonely and bored. This can lead to negative behaviours. I will ensure that your pets walk is filled with fun and lots of good sniffing and that will in turn ensure a happy and tired dog.

I have done training with a Positive Reinforcement Trainer and have committed to using only positive methods with all dogs. I will not alpha roll your dog, use leash corrections or walk with choke chains or prong collars. I am a recommended walker at The Toronto Centre for Canine Education.

I am Insured and Bonded through Binks Insurance. I am Pet First Aid Certified.

Thank you for visiting. 

50 Stephanie St.
Toronto, ON M5T 1B3

416 738-8183

Hours:  Monday - Friday:  10am - 5pm

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